Michigan Ice Cream Tour Ratings

As a follow up to the Girls Epic Michigan Ice Cream Tour, we compiled all of our ratings so you can make an educated decision on which ice cream shops to visit. You’re welcome.

The data was organized and presented by Bryn, who is graduating soon from the Kelley School of Business at IU, if you happen to have an opening for a management/operations management major. Ping me for her contact info.


Also, here’s a PDF, if you want to download it. IceCreamTourRatings

We also rated our best overall ice cream.
Lilly:              Oreo Cheesecake at Sherman’s
Rachel:          Birthday Cake ice cream on a sugar cone at Pinkies
Madeline:     Coconut ice cream with chocolate covered almonds, tastes like an Almond Joy, from the MSU Dairy
Marita:          Bourbon Pecan from Browndog Barlor
Bryn:             The Tour of Shermans, which was really was 6 flavors. All were amazing.
Laurie:          The Key Lime from Plainwell served at the Spirit of Kalamazoo. It haunts my dreams.

Some additional comments:

Browndog Alcohol infused ice cream? Yes, please!

MSU Dairy Least favorite spot, it didn’t offer anything special. Big 10 theme ice creams are nice but it doesn’t tell you what kind of ice cream it is.

Pinkies A low bench the length of the cooler for kids to see inside is a nice touch.
Captain Sundae–the menu was complicated and hard to figure out. What can I say– pirates! The overall score would be lower without the putt putt.

Sherman Dairy  The blue cows on top of the building are awesome. Staff seemed overwhelmed from the get-go. Ice cream was excellent, pretzel cone was disappointing. I’d eat any of those flavors again.

Spirit of Kalamazoo A little weird because it seemed more like a t-shirt shop than an ice cream shop. They definitely had the best bathrooms. The Plainwell ice cream is really yummy.

The Parlour  The ice cream was standard but this is the kind of place that brings creates long-lasting memories. Very cute place, food and ice cream was great. Seriously considering the Dare to be Great challenge.

Washtenaw Dairy With all the major construction and modernization of the area, I’m secretly glad the Dairy has stayed just as it it. Since they don’t sell their own brand anymore, it’s becoming another corner coffee/ice cream/donut store. Like a Tim Horton’s with ice cream.

Dairy-Go-Round You just can’t beat a good, fresh brownie. It’s adorable. It’s the best because it ultimately has the greatest amount of variety and anyone can find something to eat.


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